Dulquer Salmaan as the notorious criminal Sukumara Kuruppu

Dulquer Salmaan’s upcoming film has generated immense buzz, even though it lacks a title and information about the production company. The only revelation so far is the tagline, ‘Dulquer Salmaan as Sukumara Kuruppu.’ Directed by Srinath Rajendran, who previously directed Dulquer’s debut movie, expectations are soaring.

The Infamous Sukumara Kuruppu: A Tale of Crime and Intrigue

The untitled film revolves around the notorious criminal Sukumara Kuruppu, a well-known figure in Kerala. The narrative delves into the life of Sukumara Kuruppu, infamous for an audacious insurance fraud attempt in the 1980s. The story revolves around his failed scheme to fake his own death and claim a substantial insurance amount, leading to a high-profile investigation.

A Mystery that Gripped Kerala: The Chacko Murder Case

Sukumara Kuruppu gained notoriety for his alleged involvement in the murder of Chacko, a film representative, in 1984. Despite being labeled the most wanted criminal in Kerala, Kuruppu managed to evade the authorities. The film aims to provide an in-depth exploration of Kuruppu’s life, shedding light on lesser-known facets of his character.

Authentic Presentation and Direct Biopic Approach

The script, crafted by Jithin K Jose and Jishnu Sreekumar, promises an authentic presentation of Sukumara Kuruppu’s character. The film is set to be a direct biopic, offering a comprehensive and genuine portrayal of the infamous figure. The project aims to unravel the unknown and less-discussed aspects of Sukumara Kuruppu’s life, providing audiences with an intriguing cinematic experience.

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