Evaru (Review): Brilliant, Intense and Interesting

Evaru movie review regina

Evaru’s story revolves around a wife of an industrialist, Sameera, who is accused of killing Ashok, a police officer. In her testimony, she says that she did it as an act of self-defence. Her lawyer connects Vikram Vasudev, a corrupt officer, to her, in order to help her to escape from the murder case. Sameera tells her version to Vikram, and Vikram comes up with a different version for each story she narrates. The rest of the story is all about finding what happened in the resort!

Evaru story is like a puzzle, it opens slowly, letting you feel like you know what is going on, then your expectation is broken apart with a new twist. The movie is an official remake of the popular Spanish thriller ‘The Invisible Guest’ directed by Oriol Paulo. Venkat Premji plays it clever here. He made enough changes so that even if you have seen the original, Evaru will still give you enough thrills.

Usually we see remakes getting flat because of not adapting it enough to the audience. Recently we saw another classy remake. H. Vinoth’s ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’. Venkat Premji also did it perfectly. Changed the story line, added few pakka elements and kept it as tight packed as the original. It keeps pointing you to a new direction all the time, until the finale twist. There’s truly never a dull moment. Adivi Sesh is is the identity of “whodunit” movies in Tollywood.

Movies like this is very rare in Tollywood. So don’t miss this.

Everything is top notch in this film. Cinematographer Vamsi Patchipulusu’s work is stunning, so is the wonderful background music by Sricharan Pakala, and crisp editing by Garry. The incredible performance of Regina, perfectly fit role of Adivi Sesh, Naveen Chandra’s well played DSP Ashok with psychic body language, and the fantastic script make this movie a wonderful experience. The movie is simply brilliant, intense and interesting.

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