Love Action Drama is a cool ride with Shaan, Nivin and Nayanthara | 3.5/5

Dineshan falls in love with Shoba on the day of his ex’s marriage. He is a hero who have a lot of flaws. Dineshan is more like an extended version of Umesh from Oru Vadakkan Selfie. We feel as if his love for drinks is stronger than his love for Shoba. And it is his ‘drinking habit’ which is standing in between their love. Now, what will happen to their love! This is the basic plot of Love Action Drama, written and directed by Dhyan Sreenivasan.

The movie starts with few failed-attempts-to-make-audience-laugh scenes followed by Nivin’s entry. It gains momentum with the song ‘Kudukku’, the entry of Shan Rahman. He is the man who keeps the movie alive throughout. From the moment Dineshan falls in love for Shoba, the movie is gripping till the end. Nayanthara’s presence is like a rain on a boathouse. She, as beautiful as ever, adds brightness and freshness. Her presence gives so much to the movie.

Dheem Tharikida Thom is a 1986 Priyadarshan movie.

Love Action Drama is not a brilliant film, it is a well packed entertainer with good amount of engaging elements (comedy and songs) throughout. It is more slapstick than situation comedy. It is more nonsense comedy than spontaneous comedy. But it worked well to the movie’s favour. The movie has many hilarious scenes, and everyone in the film from Nivin Pauly to Aju Varghese to Nayanthara to Dhanya Balakrishnan were perfect in their roles. The comedy here is more like Priyan and Siddhiq-Lal movies. What makes Love Action Drama an instant hit is the chemistry with all the artists. Chemistry is the secret to a good comedy. This movie has it. Their combination is not really fresh. We know them already. Nivin, and Aju. We know how they react. We know their timing. But this predictability works well here like the early Mohanlal-Priyadarshan or Mukesh-Sidhiq Lal combo.

‘Even though I am BLACK, my heart is WHITE’ – this is a dialogue from this movie. Could have avoided.

And there is a message about marriage towards the end. Love Action Drama is so unrealistic and at the same time so enjoyable. It should have titled as Comedy Action Message. That is how it worked. Anyway it is a relaxation from the new-wave, the new-realistic-good movies!! It is a remixed, energy-increased version of ‘Oru Vadakkan Selfie‘. Don’t go expecting a cinematic masterpiece, but if you are looking for few laughter this is your flick. This movie has its flaws. Not everyone is going to get it or have the same sense of humour. But… just to enjoy Shan Rahman soundtrack is worth the ticket price alone. Shaan Rahman is the hero of the movie with zero questions. He elevates all the scenes with foot tapping soundtrack.

Looking for an escape from your life? Go and watch this in theatre. You are in for a good time for fun if you’r seeing with packed audience. It is a funtastic theatre experience. Fully funny.

3.5 Rating

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