Movie Marketing: Tips For Marketing Your Movie

In a country with approximately 450 million internet users, digital marketing is the game-changer for film promotion. With the surge in smartphone usage, fueled by Jio SIM, leveraging the digital landscape is crucial.

Strategic Timing: Setting the Stage

Timing is paramount. Generating hype pre-release is vital, especially for non-star-studded films. Initiating promotions well in advance ensures an enthusiastic audience at the movie’s launch.

Traditional Tools: Press Meets and Print Media

Old but gold, press meets and print media remain effective, reaching a diverse audience, including families and the broader movie-going community.

Social Media Dynamics: The 20-Hour Rule

Dive into social media dynamics; it’s a 20-hour-a-day commitment. Craft interactive Facebook and Twitter pages, tap into the shareable content culture, and wield the power of hashtags for wider reach.

Trailer Triumph: Gateway to Success

A stellar trailer is half the battle won. It serves as the gateway to ticket sales. Invest time in creating an impressive trailer that resonates beyond your immediate circle. Consider pre-roll video ads for added impact.


Songs are an integral part of our industry, and for the success of the movie. I am personally against songs in a movie like ‘8 Thottaakkal’ but… but the reach of a good song is still way higher than everything else. Do you remember the hype ‘Kankal Irandaal’ or ‘Kolaveri Di’ song created. How we know if the song will be accepted by the audience!? Hey Raam.

Audio Launch

For simple reason. High media coverage.

IMDB & Wikipedia Listing

People don’t believe that you exists if you are not in Facebook, so is Wikipedia for movies. It is a basic thing for a movie. Update as much details as possible. A good Wikipedia page is nothing but compulsory. How can something exists without having a page in Wikipedia! I won’t believe. Try IMDB also. Bonus points are available there.

There are other ways of marketing used by many gimmickers. Ethical and sometimes unethical. Eg. If involving audience in the making of the film is clever, casting call for the sake of marketing and fake news are unethical. But it is business. If you cannot convince them, then confuse them and bring them to cinema halls. I don’t like this.

These are the things you have to spend money on. No choices. Small or big, you have to spend. Pick the right team to market your movie. Do marketing. Anyway. There is no formula for movie marketing. That is the negative point to be noted, and the positive point is that there is NO FORMULA for movie marketing. Absolutely. You must prepare the marketing strategy according to the movie, the genre, the director, the story, the songs, the actors, music director, singers, and everything.

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