Top 10 Punch Dialogues Of Dhanush!

Dhanush K Raja, the name can be used as a synonym for versatility. He is a National Award winning actor, producer, he also writes lyrics and dialogues for films, he is a playback singer and recently donned the hat of a director. The man is successful in whatever he does and you can never call his success a coincidence or luck, he worked hard for every bit of it and earned it. The actor has done movies in Bollywood and currently working on his Hollywood debut. His achievements may seem surreal but the actor can pull off almost anything like a boss! Dhanush is celebrating his 34th birthday today and we wish all the happiness and success! Dhanush is a celebrity who can reach great heights and take Indian cinema to another level!

The actor is definitely a class performer but also a mass hero. He is the perfect balance of both. So here are 10 powerful punch dialogues of Dhanush that became viral and got used by almost everyone!


  1. Ennae maari pasangala paartha pudikkaathu, paakka paakka thaan pudikkum!
  2. En peru Kumaru, Kokki Kumaru, kelvipattukkiriya?!
  3. Bayama, enakka? Naanga ellam tsunami leyae swimming eh podravanga!
  4. Amul Baby, Raghuvaranae ithuvaraikkum nee villain ah thaane paarthirukkae, hero va paarthathillaye, inimae paarppae!
  5. Enna sir, vagideduthu vaarina mudi, butti kannadi ellam paarthu pazhamnu ninachiteengala, actual ah naan konjam bad boy sir, konjam ketta vaarthai ellam pesuven!
  6. Dei thambi, ennae ippove konnidu illae oru naal romba varuthapaduvae!
  7. Oruthan thoongitirukkumbothu oru kosu vathu kadichithunnu vachukoyen antha kosu periyaal aayiddathu, oru naal muzhichinnirukkasolla kadikkumbothu pattunnu adicha pottunnu poidum… Oru Naal!
  8. Senjiduvaen!
  9. Vanthathu vaazhnthathu senjathu serthathungarathae vida nammalukkappram enna ninnathungarathu thaanda matteru!
  10. Madam, singathukku vaala irukkarathae vida naan punaikku thalayave irundhidaren!

They are awesome right?! And if you could read them in Dhanush’s voice then you are a true fan! Once again Happy Birthday Dhanush!

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