Otha Seruppu Size 7 (Review)

Otha Seruppu Size 7 Parthieban

Otha Seruppu Size 7 is a crime thriller written and directed by Radhakrishnan Parthiepan. The director himself a protagonist is the only person, you can see in the entire movie. Recently, this movie is listed in Asia book of records, for this uniqueness. The running time of this movie is 120 minutes.

Some movies contribute to the pride of it’s own region. Some movies contribute to the pride of it’s language. But, very few movies would actually contribute to the entire world cinema ! This movie (OS) is one such. It’s undoubtedly the movie of millennium, that every one of us should watch.
Be it dialogues, Parthiepan’s wittiness, artists’ dubbing, camera angles and sound mixing (of-course, world class by Resul Pookutty), every moment is magical enough to turn you around. The art of storytelling is entirely redefined, it’s a renaissance of screenplay. The title credit itself will make you think, that some creative surprise is waiting for you!

Parthiepan’s experiment with cinema

The film starts with investigation of a person called Masilamani (Parthiepan), in Mylapore police station. In connection with a murder of a real estate businessmen, the investigation trial was starting up. In the event of investigation, he opens up many more murders, that was committed by him, to give us a nail biting moment and finally how he is acquitted by using his complex strategies is the story line. OS 7 speaks about various complex societal issues, in an elaborated and simplest way, that reflects the plight of common man in current scenario.

Usually, Balu Mahendra and Mani Ratnam’s movies were highly dependent on expressions, emotions and little dialogues (husky husky). Before 10.20 PM (show beginning), my thoughts were the same too, like only expressions are enough to drive the film. But, here is a concept check! How can a movie be so entertaining with some characters are only lending their voices in background, just like Amazon Alexa device. That too, dubbing is done with so much precision, one can feel their emotions with those modulations itself.

There is a story behind everything you see in the screen, be it yellow coloured Kite, glasses, table and carbon copy with papers. Also, the background effects are done to reflect the same emotion as Masilamani in every audiences’ face. Versatility is otherwise named as Radhakrishnan Parthiepan. His dialogues are main pillars of this movie.

I loved the “All out or good night” dialogue. One person standing in front of a camera is delivering witty humour, sadness, sympathy, cleverness and brilliance is something unusual, we cannot see often in Indian Cinema. “Off screen heroine” Gayathri was amazing in dubbing too. Size 7 secret is in credits, so don’t miss it.

After watching this movie, I am sure you will take a 500 or 2000 rupees note from your wallet and see it one more time. If you’re a movie lover and loves to experiment different genres of cinema, please watch Otha Seruppu Size 7, this is for you!

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