Papanasam Review: Everything comes together, perfectly. 4/5

Papanasam Movie Review

Papanasam is the Tamil remake of one of the best scripts of our times – Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam movie ‘Drishyam’ starring Mohanlal. Jeethu Joseph recreates his magic with Kamal Haasan successfully. Papanasam is captivating.

The best part of the movie is the second half. First half works as the foundation for the second half. The movie gets better and better moving towards the climax. The more the movie develops the more Jeethu Joseph shows us how good he is. The ending will leave you speechless.

The mystery of the film is conveyed perfectly. The music of Ghibran flows with the rhythm of the story. Every note was just right and fit with the script. I wish I could explain it better. When looking at the cast you can expect some phenomenal performances, and that’s exactly what you get. Kamal Haasan gives his best of the decade. We would have seen few good performances of Kamal Haasan in last 15 years but this will be the first time in 10 years that you witness Kamal in an extremely strong characterization, and see Kamal Haasan as the character instead of Kamal Haasan as Kamal Haasan. It proves again, the genius is in the simplicity not in the over-the-top characters.

Asha Sharath is good. Gauthami is convincing even though sometimes we are forced to wish if it was Meena (Drishyam). Anant Mahadevan is perfect. Kalabhavan Mani does his role well in the character which Kalabhavan Shajoon shined. All other actors are acceptable in their respective roles. Kamal Haasan and slight changes which Jeethu Joseph made here and there make Papanasam worth watching even for those who enjoyed ‘Drishyam’ and Mohanlal’s Majestic performance. All credit goes to Jeethu Joseph. Thanks to him. He didn’t compromise for the ‘star’ and ‘performer’ in Kamal Haasan. He simply presented Suwayambu Lingam.

The movie works as a script-writer and director’s movie. A rare film of its genre. The best thing about this remake is that the original director, Jeethu Joseph, is retained and so is the quality. There is something for the fans of ‘Drishyam’ as well. I hope this review make you wanted to watch the movie. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

A film by Jeethu Joseph.

Intelligent, Emotional and Intense. Very attention consuming thriller. A masterpiece with acceptable flows. Everything comes together, perfectly.

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