Porinju Mariyam Jose (Review)

Set in 1985, Porinju Mariyam Jose tells the story of friendship, love and revenge against the backdrop of a church festival in Thrissur. As the title suggests, the story revolves around three friends. Joju George, Nyla Usha and Chemban Vinod Jose has portrayed the roles of Kattalan Porinju, Alapattu Mariyam and Puthanpally Jose respectively.


Porinju, a rowdy whom others dare not to mess with has been easily played by Joju George. The rough and tough character was safe in Joju’s hands. One could easily see the effort he has put in order to step into the shoes of a mass action hero and he has pulled it off amazingly.


On the other side, the aristocratic Mariyam has been played by Nyla Usha with ease. She has portrayed the character with at most perfection. She is undoubtedly an underrated actress who hasn’t been much provided in movies to prove herself but with Alapattu Mariyam, her career will take a U-turn. Chemban Vinod Jose has played the role of Puthanpally Jose, the mutual friend of Porinju and Mariam. As usual Chemban Vinod has done his part amazingly beautiful.

Porinju has always had a soft corner for Mariyam and although he was rough and tough on the outside, he loved Mariyam with all his heart. Mariyam knows it too and she also felt the same way but she couldn’t much show it on the outside ever since a tragedy that occurred in her life. The pain of true love is hurting them both. Jose is a married man who enjoys life without falling for responsibilities. Their lives takes a nasty turn when a bad thing happens during a year’s church festival.

Joshiy. The master craft-man.

The true hero of the movie is the master director Joshiy who has directed the movie. He returned to direct a movie after four long years and that’s pretty much of a long gap for a Malayalam movie director. He proves that form is temporary and class is permanent. Joshiy touch is visible throughout the movie even with the new combination of cast and crew.

Each scene justifies the hard work that has put forward by the people who has worked for the movie. Making a realistic story and treating it with mass elements is not an easy task, but here the team has worked it out really well. The visual, character and music style overshadows the minor faults and clichés. There should also be these kind of movies along with the other realistic and non-realistic movies for the growth of an industry.


And by a realistic story, here it means something that stays close to realism and could relate to. A kind of story that could have or would have happened in the 80s or 90s and there is even a strong possibility for these kind of events that are portrayed in the movie to even happen nowadays. From the cinematography to colouring, this movie is something that the audience wanted for some time.

The background score takes the movie to a whole another level. Jakes Bejoy once again proves his metal. Abhilash N. Chandran has written the movie with Ajay David handling the cinematography and Shyam Sasindran has done the editing. The fight sequence choreographed by Rajasekhar and Supreme Sundar requires a special mention, especially the climax market scene. They have put up a really great work and with Joju’s performance, those scenes were pure lit.

Porinju Mariam Jose is an action entertainer which will be loved by children, youth and family audience alike and a complete mass big screen treat.

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