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Rajeev Nath, national award winning Malayalam director is back with ‘Aniyan Kunjum Thannlayathu’. The movie, extensively shot in Washington, USA and Trivandrum, Kerala, is produced by Salil Sankaran and Kutty Menon under SENN Productions and For the People Entertainment banner. Aniyan Kunjum Thannalayathu marks the comeback of 90’s famous actress Mathu, Abhirami, Suchitra and Geetha alongside Kiaan, Renji Panicker, Nandu, Bhagyalakshmi and Indrans.

Speaking about the film, Rajeev Nath said that, “Aniyan Kunjum Thannalayathu narrates the story of Aniyan Kunju, a lethargic youngster who lives with his uncle, Renji Panicker, in Kerala, who lands in trouble in Kerala and is shipped to the US to live with his sisters. Aniyan’s struggle with the fast-paced life, his chance encounter with a laid-off US Football superstar and his brush with destiny, owing to Marmani he learned from his uncle help him in the foreign land and teach him the importance of native land.”

Kiaan Kishore

Speaking about his favourite moment during the filming, Rajeev Nath says that “it is the importance of Marmani vaidyan on the patient which Aniyan works on.” He adds that “all the scenes in the 2 hours of the film are interwoven”.

Speaking about his selection model for directing a movie, he says, “my only aim is that the movie should have a strong subject. My goal is to tell the audience, to sit up and see what I am intending to tell”

“Aniyan Kunju, was in my mind for 6 yrs”

Despite being in the industry for a very long time, he has done very few selected films that have attracted attention from a wide audience. For this he says, “It takes at least 2 to 3 yrs to conceive a strong subject. I am basically very lethargic by nature. This subject, Aniyan Kunju, was in my mind for 6 yrs. Whenever I go to USA I keenly I used to tell my friends this story. A chance meeting with Salil Sankaran and Kutty Menon poured life into the film.”

When asked about biggest achievement personally and professionally, he mentions Janani and adds, “Janani helped me win national award for best director in 1998. I am one of the 6 directors from Malayalam film industry to win a National Award for Direction, which makes me feel very proud.”
If given a chance to make a film on a historical character, Rajeev Nath says that “I will choose Mother Theresa”. And as an advice to the viewers of the film, Aniyan Kunjum Thannalayathu, he says, “Kick back and enjoy the film.”

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