Sacred Games Season 2 – Eagerly Waiting For Season 3

Back in 2017, Sacred Games premiered in Netflix creating a big sensation within entertainment buffs. It was the first Indian Series to premier in Netflix.

Season 1 was spectacular with the writing and direction on par with the other popular Netflix Series. The plot is unique, with remarkable performances and character development. Season 1 travelled through the eyes of Ganesh Gaitonde (played by Nawazuddin Siddiquie) and Sartaj Singh (played by Saif Ali Khan). The season focused on the struggle by Ganesh in 1980s to become the Don of Bombay. Alongside, Sartraj struggles to solve a case in the present that has a connection with Gaitonde’s troubles.

Hence, expectations were very high for Season 2 as Season 1 ended with more queries than answers. Kalki Koechlin, Ranvir Shorey, Amruta Subhash and Pankaj Tripathi (recurring in Season 1) are the additional characters in this season. We get to know in depth of Gaitonde’s insecurities and his fightback from the fall. We also get to understand the bond between Guruji and Gaitonde and why Gaitonde considers Guruji as his third father. While Sartaj goes through certain personal issues, he is guilt ridden also. As he unravels the mystery in the case, his mental condition seems to get worse and worse.

Why did Gaitonde choose Sartaj? Will Sartaj understand what Gaitonde conveyed? Will he crack the case and save the city in time?

The intentions of the initial few episodes backfired as the pace of the story was too slow. The change in Gaitonde’s character wasn’t convincing enough. Meanwhile Sartaj’s actions were more like speed breakers. After that boring start, the series took off. The last few episodes are full of twists and turns, kept viewers on edge.

On the technical side this season is magnificent. Cinematography, Background Score and Production were brilliant and substantial. Editing could have been better considering the quality of the series.

The open-ended finale is an intellectual and profound way of wrapping up a series. I hope there is no Season 3 at least for a long time as the open-ended finale did not follow the cliched path. The ending offered the viewers a choice between their optimistic and pessimistic self.

Season 1 answered the questions of ‘who’ and ‘what’ while Season 2 provided the solutions to ‘why’ and ‘how’. The solutions lay with the entry of Guruji. Pankaj Tripathi impressed the viewers with his articulate take on Guruji. There were strong and independent women characters which gave added impetus to the story.

Overall, Season 2 of Sacred Games is more of a hit than a miss. The first impression of the initial episodes might not justify the ingenious and engaging plot in the last few episodes. This season has no comparison to Season 1 but with exceptional technical aspect and significant performances, it is worth a watch.


RATING – 3.5/5

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