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When La Casa de Papel (also known as Money Heist) premiered in 2017, the series created a huge sensation and everyone went full bananas for one reason – A Spanish Heist Series. Everyone would have seen many heist movies and each taken in different ways. But no one would have witnessed a heist series which has with both sublime technical qualities and plot development.

Netflix acquired the rights for this Spanish series and it was split into two seasons for the viewers of other countries. Both seasons had a strong ensemble cast, great character development, magnificent cinematography, intense background scores and spot on production design. In addition, there was good humour elements which was like the icing on a delicious cake. To excel in every category is not an easy task and Money Heist has delivered it. Season 2 had some minor flaws but the perfect finale out shadowed them. Everyone felt the series was done within Season 2 as it accomplished a significant and rewarding final act.

So, the confusing million-dollar question is – Was Season 3 necessary when Season 2 had a phenomenal ending?

Season 2 ended with the fabulous escape with their grand heist from The Royal Mint of Spain. We knew that they would part ways and settle in different parts of the world. Season 3 began with one of the robbers getting traced in the weirdest possible way. So, all the partners regrouped to save him from the authorities.

Perhaps the question would be how these outlaws would save one of their kind without getting caught!

There is a saying “Old habits die hard”. That’s what happens here as they hatch a master plan to save their partner by robbing The Bank of Spain. It seems ridiculous that robbing a bank will save their partner. But the creators draw a thin line of connection between the survival and robbery.

The marvellous cinematography and pulsating background score are on par with the previous seasons. The story has no significant content and feels stretched with nothing to offer. The dullness in the initial part of the series is a blessing in disguise with a surprise cliff-hanger in the finale. The creators manage to pull off a brave move in the finale which will be a whammy for all.

Coming back to my question – Was Season 3 necessary?

In my opinion, it was completely unnecessary. Even the best of series have bad endings. So, when a show has a perfect ending, the creators should leave it as it is unless they have something to out beat the previous ending.

Overall, the series is watchable just for the sake of watching our favourite characters pull off an impossible heist though the logic behind that is questionable. Season 3 ends abruptly and perhaps Season 4 will have a better finale.

Rating – 2.25/5

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  1. Anonymous | 04/06/2020 at 8:30 pm |

    Have you seen season 4 yet?
    Have you changed your mind on the review?

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