Shah Rukh Khan – A Super Star, An Underused Actor.


All super-stars are underused as actors. Super-Stars often have less to do with talent and more to do with mass appeal. There are many victims; this includes Shah Rukh Khan and Rajinikanth. When was the last time we saw Rajinikanth as an actor? Maniratnam’s Thalapathi? Oh My God, that movie released 24 years ago!! That doesn’t mean that his performance in Annamalai or Enthiran is bad, it just mean that now he is restricted to do certain things only. This stardom and image (for fans) has effected even the greatest of actors, Eg: Mohanlal after Narasimham.

As one of the most bankable stars in the world, one of the most famous entertainment icons, Shah Rukh Khan has spent years choosing roles that already worked. That is the exact reason why he is underrated. There are exceptions and these exceptions shows how talented he is. But sadly, no matter how many great performances Shah Rukh Khan delivers, he is ineradicably stuck in the audience mind as the guy who always sings ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hain’. He does this act even in his Robot Avatar, Ra. One. He’s not the most consistently superb actor around. Misses are more than hits in-terms of performances.  Whenever he does a different character or movie, he shines like the brightest star.

Here are five of his best performances (in no order) –

  1. Chak De India: His performances in this movie as Kabir Khan showcase what a truly outstanding actor he is, especially towards the climax.Shah Rukh Khan in Chak De India (2)
  2. Swades: It is uncommon to see a super star as a common man in movies. Shah Rukh Khan does that to perfection.Shah Rukh Khan (1)
  3. Dil Se: Shah Rukh Khan as Amarkant Verma must be his best in many ways.Shah Rukh Khan (1)
  4. Don: Literally, his first action movie, that too, a remake of a block-buster of Amithabh Bhachan, and his performance was a step above satisfaction. He has that style to attract audience to imitate him.Shah Rukh Khan in DON
  5. Devdas: Shah Rukh Khan as the alcoholic lover! He was born to play this role. He have given a feel in us that the Devdas will never again be remade. He fixed it.Shah Rukh Khan (2)

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the foremost character actors of Bollywood but criminally underused. He is more underused than underrated. There are many who feel he is overrated. Yes, it is true. It is true because he is underused. Hope we can see him in more movies which showcase his talent than his mass appeal.

by P.S. Arjun


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  1. ” Swades ” is the best film of SRK.It’s expressed the patriotism of a patriotic person.Really it’s a helpful movie for all. His Hindi movie songs are great.

  2. ” Swades ” is the best film of SRK.It’s expressed the patriotism of a patriotic person.Really it’s a helpful movie for all.

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