Top 10 Mohanlal Performances of 21st Century

Mohanlal was at his golden era in the 80’s & 90’s. Considerably, post 2000 the performer was more into the diminishing graph, but the star is unparalleled. It was Blessy who revitalised the Actor yet again and it’s no coincidence that the top three from the list are conceived by Blessy himself. The Best 10 Mohanlal performances of the late according to me;

10. Thala in Chotta Mumbai

Thala’ in Chotta Mumbai is outrightly hilarious. Mohanlal seamlessly carries the character with fine ease, ardent physicality & chucklesome facial expressions. This would probably be the last Wholesome comedy entertainer of the star that i throughout enjoyed.

9. Sathyam of Janatha Garage

Effortlessness all over display. In an out-and-out JR.NTR mass-masala film, a stereotypical written character that yearns for your attention. Even in the confrontation scenes of our Macho hero with Sathyam. It wouldn’t get felt the way it should have been. Just ‘Mohanlal Magic’ that works here. He also won a special jury mention at National Awards for the role.

8. Valiyakath Moosa in Paradesi

Amongst this list, it should be in Paradesi where Mohanlal uses Method Acting more firmly. He subtly ranges the emotions of the vulnerable, Fear & powerless Moosa who fights for his ‘Citizenship’.

7. Udhayabanu in Udhayananu Tharam

In this meta cinematic universe of Roshan Andrews. It’s Ultimately the Mohanlal-Sreenivasan interludes that creates riot laugh-out-loud moments. You’ll feel for Mohanlal, his helplessness, in his fall outs, in his loss & finally his redemption. Watching Udhayabhanu succeeding in the climax is indeed sheer bliss. I always catch the film when it airs on Television.

6. Sreenivasan in Company

Again, there’s nothing extraordinary by the way Mohanlal performs in Ram Gopal Varma’s Company. It’s just being himself. The casual easy-breezy portrayal of a Police Officer who’s the bridging factor of Company — has so much charm of his own. I love the Malayalam restrained Hindi diction too.

5. Georgekutty in Drishyam

Mohanlal is the most significant part of Drishyam. To recreate the terrific thrills in paper, you need an aura of a star, as well as that of an Actor. Mohanlal is more than enough in that regard. He eases the role with conviction. Drishyam proved to be one of the greatest success stories ever happened in Malayalam film Industry.

4. Raghunandhan in Spirit

Ranjith’s hard-hitting narcissist, high on philosophy protagonist — Raghunandan, is a dipsomaniac, full time alcoholic & TV host professional. The deprived life of Raghunandan taking a turn after his friends death and subsequent rehabilitation-cum-redemption is what the film is all about. Mohanlal has all the loudness & provides for all flexibility that the character need.

3. Jayankutty (Jose) of Bhramaram

The Actor in his most riveting outing of the decade. Jayankutty gives you chills & thrills. Mohanal is always in his form when it comes to grey shaded roles. Bhramaram is no exception. A spine-chilling performance that’ll hold your nerves.

2. Mathews of Pranayam

A restrained Mohanlal performance, so well perfectionalized. In this Blessy’s take on Love that is high on performances, Mohanlal doesn’t have much of screen time when compared to the other two leads. But each time when he comes on screen, it leaves you awestruck with the conviction he has in enacting the paralysed old man. Watch out for the scene where he sings Leonard Cohen’s I’m the man.

1. Rameshan Nair in Thanmathra

One of the most devastating portrayals ever in Malayalam Cinema. Thanmathra opens light-hearted, with an enchanting Mohanlal, you’ll embrace the proceedings. But more the screenplay moves with revelations on Alzheimer’s, the more you’ll get shattered. Rameshan Nair will haunt you for days. Undoubtedly the best Mohanlal performance that has happened in the past 2 decades. It should have been an easy-peasy National Award win, had if Blessy dealt with the disease more Authentically.

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