Vedalam Review: Pure entertainment. Ajith at his best. 3.5/5

Vedalam Movie Review

Review of Vedalam, which is released with much hype and expectations. Vedalam is an action-masala film written and directed by Siva whose previous movie, Veeram, was also with Ajith.

Although the plot is 1000 years old, it still had enough punch in it. Story is just an excuse to create enough space for Ajith to hits baddies. Not going into it as I could not find something which can fill a para. The comedy part is soppy and does not support the film in anyway except that Shruti got some screen space. It is not about comedy but its all about mass. The film is made with a purpose, and that is to provide Ajith Kumar the canvas to show his screen presence, and he has made the most of it! He engages you enough to make you whistle even in a multiplex. As the unstoppable Macho-man, Ultimate Star excels in mass and action scenes.

Anirudh’s music is laud, noisy, but still a big plus for the first week audience. Entertaining, he does that perfectly. Songs are just passable but not Aaluma Doluma and Veera Vinayaka. Is very much enjoyable with the audience. Cinematography is perfect. Lakshmi Menon is very good. Ashwin is good. Shruti Haasan is beautiful and the villains are as usual. Who cares all these, we have Ajith throughout the film. The film becomes slow and boring when Ajith is not on screen. It is Ajith all the way. For anybody who wants to know what is the on-screen charisma of Ajith, go and watch this film.

If you are in the mood for an old fashioned mass masala movie, then you are in for a treat. This is strictly Tamil masala entertainment and the Ajith is at his best. Director Shiva succeeded in presenting the mass factor in its right amount, sometimes overdose but not less. This is pure, flawed entertainment.

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