Vedalam Review: Pure entertainment. Ajith at his best. 3.5/5

Vedalam Movie Review

Released with immense hype and expectations, “Vedalam” is an action-masala film written and directed by Siva, marking another collaboration with Ajith after their previous venture, “Veeram.”

While the plot may be a recycled one, it serves as a mere backdrop to create a stage for Ajith to showcase his prowess in action sequences. The story is secondary to the primary objective of providing Ajith with ample space to exhibit his screen presence, and he undoubtedly seizes the opportunity. The film is unapologetically designed to cater to the mass audience, emphasizing Ajith’s macho image.


“Vedalam” excels in delivering what it promises – a blend of mass entertainment and high-octane action. Ajith’s unstoppable persona dominates the screen, engaging the audience and eliciting whistles even in multiplexes. His performance in mass and action scenes stands out, making it a treat for fans.

While the comedy elements may feel sappy and lack substantial support for the narrative, they serve as a brief diversion. Shruti Haasan gets her share of screen time, but the primary focus remains on Ajith’s mass appeal rather than intricate comedic elements.


Anirudh’s music, though loud, adds to the entertainment value, with notable tracks like “Aaluma Doluma” and “Veera Vinayaka” becoming crowd favorites. Cinematography is commendable, complementing the film’s overall visual appeal. The supporting cast, including Lakshmi Menon and Ashwin, performs well, but it’s Ajith who steals the spotlight.

Ajith’s On-screen Charisma

“Vedalam” becomes sluggish and less engaging when Ajith is not on screen, emphasizing that the film is Ajith’s show all the way. For those curious about Ajith’s on-screen charisma, this movie serves as a comprehensive showcase.

“Vedalam” is an old-fashioned mass masala movie that delivers what it promises – a dose of pure, flawed entertainment. Director Siva strikes the right balance of mass factor, occasionally bordering on overdose but never falling short. If you’re in the mood for a classic Tamil masala entertainer, then “Vedalam” with Ajith at his best is a worthwhile treat.

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