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Madhavan Vikram Vedha

Reflecting on a film, anybody can count the peripherals of that film which makes it unique. One such factor is climax or the turning point of a film. Most of the film makers end up in creating such threads of stories, no matter how hard they try; they fail to build up an unexpected twist.

A combo like anticipated climax and unexpected twist is though not so rare. The grand Tamil movie, Vikram Vedha captures in its frame, an ambiance of clash between Vikram and Vedha, an anticipated climax but fraught with unexpected twists and turns urges us to watch it a second time. The satisfaction and pressure under which we watch a film like Vikram Vedha is undoubtedly the success of the film. Else we can say suspense zone marks the success of the film. Often it is when the story line spreads its wings and takes its flight out of the viewer’s mind to define itself by deviating from his expectations that the film turns out to be distinctive.


The recent classic movie from the Malayalam film industry, Joseph, carries away one to the trance world of a retired policeman. Unlike the other stories we can classify it apart as it finds a way out of the imaginations of an ordinary viewer. One never expects Joseph to have a tragic end in the film since the viewer falls for the realistic presentation of the character and thus expects him to live on. The movie successfully spawns a spasmodic effect on the spectator due the sudden decision and the anticipated death of the character. The climax evolves from the unexpected death of the first wife of the protagonist, which is a conspired murder. And as the movie winds up, it forces the audience to leave their seats with a tragic and sad mind. Though the movie has already made the impact through its series of events and thus can be regarded as a successful one.

Even though, this may not work well every time. The exemplary movie, Aanand L. Rai’s Zero, is a film which takes a different route though it is not much aloof from other movies as it revolves around a love story. Protagonist’s narrow escape on the day of marriage is quite unexpected and his return, after his adventures as well. Despite of the unexpected twists, the movie has failed in creating a different ending and has something that is expected of every other movie.

Relating to this idea, it is very hard to present a movie of anticipated climaxes and unexpected twists. Yet, such movies gather momentum in the film world. And the audience look forward for such epics.

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