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Madhavan Vikram Vedha

Reflecting on a film, one can identify various elements that contribute to its uniqueness, with the climax or turning point standing out as a crucial factor. Many filmmakers strive to craft intricate storylines, but achieving an unexpected twist remains a challenging feat.

However, the combination of an anticipated climax and an unforeseen twist is not as rare. The Tamil blockbuster, “Vikram Vedha,” skillfully captures the clash between Vikram and Vedha. While it presents an anticipated climax, the narrative is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The film’s success lies in the satisfaction and tension it evokes during the viewing experience. In essence, the suspenseful atmosphere defines the film’s success.

A movie like “Vikram Vedha” excels when it takes the storyline beyond the viewer’s expectations, soaring into a realm that distinguishes it from the anticipated narrative.


The recent Malayalam classic, “Joseph,” immerses viewers in the surreal world of a retired policeman, setting it apart from ordinary narratives. Joseph’s tragic end surprises audiences, as the realistic portrayal of the character leads them to anticipate his survival. The film’s sudden turn of events and the protagonist’s anticipated death create a spasmodic effect on spectators. The climax unfolds with the unexpected murder of the protagonist’s first wife, leaving the audience with a tragic and somber conclusion. Despite its impact, the movie can be deemed successful.

However, not every film follows this formula. A notable example is Aanand L. Rai’s “Zero,” which, despite revolving around a love story, takes a different route. The protagonist’s narrow escape on his wedding day and his subsequent return add unexpected twists. Yet, the film fails to deliver a distinctive ending, adhering to expectations common in other movies.

While it’s challenging to craft films with both anticipated climaxes and unexpected twists, such movies gain traction in the film world, attracting audiences eager for these cinematic epics.

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