Most viewed Malayalam movie songs on youtube | Analysis!

Most viewed Malayalam movie songs on youtube

Trending topics are always bizarre & totally unforeseeable. In this list, I chronicle the curious case of Trendsetting Malayalam Movie songs on Youtube.

1. Entammede Jimikki Kammal

film: Velipadinte Pusthakam
music: Shaan Rahman
singers: Vineeth Sreenivasan, Ranjith Unni

Hands down, The most popular Malayalam song in recent times. Jimikki Kammal has been viewed over by 102 Million people in Youtube. It has been a global trending topic at the time of release, a popular American tv host Jimmy Kimmel, who’ve hosted the 2017 Oscars has commented about the song back then. The song is basically taken from various folk numbers of Kerala, Anil Parachooran added more lyrics of his own. There were many dance numbers & cover videos all over youtube, one of Sheril G Kadavan is fabled with more than 50Million views. She was fortunate with many movie offers at that time. Controversies with respect to the demeaning lyrics were also among the trending topics. Jimikki Kammal went out to become more famous in Tamil Nadu than that of Kerala. Many Tamil films used the song in play for crowd pleasing.

2. Manikya Malaraya Poovi

film: Oru Adar Love
music: Shaan Rahman
singer: Vineeth Sreenivasan

Yet another chartbuster from the same combo that gave Jimikki Kammal. More than the regurgitation composition of Shaan Rahman, it was a wink that was the root reason behind this widespread bizarre trend. Priya Prakash Warrier went down to become an overnight sensation with the release of the video song. Crossing more than 93 Million audience across youtube, North Indian fellas were going gaga over this girl. She met with a record Instagram followers leap & bagged many non-Malayalam projects. Screenplay of Adar Love was reworked foreseeing Priya’s market value, subsequently dubbing rights were sold for insane prices to the Tamil-Telugu-Hindi markets. Promo videos that came following the song too boggled with humongous viewership. While, this song too met with some controversies regarding lyrics, there was a court case & for some time it was removed from youtube.

3. Jeevamshamayi

film: Theevandi
music: Kailas Menon
singers: KS Harishankar, Shreya Ghoshal

It was a time when Tovino Thomas was finding his place among the tier1 young generation actors of Mollywood, his previously released movies had similar first single tracks released as video songs that ought to become hit numbers. This song came after a series of such tracks. A very soothing to ears, blissful composition by debutant Kailas Menon. Singers are also a huge pushing envelope to the 50Million views till date. A studio recording version of the duet single handedly reached 6.4Million. Theevandi is the highest grossing film of Tovino Thomas, Jeevamshamayi might be a huge part of it’s blockbuster success.

4. Malare

film: Premam
music: Rajesh Murugeshan
singer: Vijay Yesudas

Who doesn’t love this beauty of a song in the ever popular Premam. Malar & Malare was kept huge surprise by Alphonse Puthren. The first thing I did after finished watching the film was searching on the net who’s this awesome lady & weather the is song is made available online. It was that catchy & instantly likeable. Every single thing about the song is adorable. Malare garnered around 44Million viewers in the course of time.

5. I Love You Mummy

film: Bhaskar The Rascal
music: Deepak Dev
singers: Swetha Mohan, Devika Deepak Dev

Inspired from an Arabic song I love you Mama by Hala Al Turk, I Love You mummy was not a great trendsetter or any such sort. It was very organic how the song reached big numbers; 33Million views. Might be the enchanting chemistry of Nayanthara & Baby Anikha that catered Family/Children audience.

6. Maangalyam; Wedding song

film: Bangalore Days
music: Gopi Sunder
singers: Vijay Yesudas, Sachin Warrier, Divya S Menon

Anjali Menon has a beautiful sense of music. She uses music directors to their fullest. Whole Album of Bangalore Days was one such, a huge hit online; 33 Million & at television. They have played countless times in music channels. This peppy little wedding song is superb, and the big screen quality was outstanding, those beats i heard from theatre is still tripping in my ears. How Anjali had staged the visuals in sync with music too embarks an important role. Great dance choreography as well.

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