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Dale Carnegie is the author of “How to Enjoy your Life and Your Job”. If we really want to enjoy every day with satisfaction and excitement, then we should follow certain ethics in our lives. This book contains content blended from two Dale Carnegie books: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life”.

In the first chapter, Dale Carnegie tells us to find ourselves and asks us to stay ourself. Each one is unique in this world and there is no use of being a second Shah Rukh Khan or second Indira Gandhi. Each one deserves respect to be their own kind of beautiful. It is a rumour to believe that there are seven people who are alike in this world. If so, why don’t he/she claim out to the Prime Minister or any famous celebrity? The problem arises when people tends to believe in the fact that only if a person resembles any successful person, he/she will shine. So to be unique in one’s own style and attitude is very important.

Then comes the second chapter which talks about four hood working habits that will help us a lot to prevent fatigue and worry. It is indispensable for anyone to forego worry and fatigue to focus on the work more. To prevent this, one tends to follow certain principles. If anyone could live in anyway then this world would be a horrible place to live in. Imagine if there are no courts, the crimes would be more as people tend to attack each other if they don’t like anyone. So Dale Carnegie has taken this step to prevent fatigue and worry.

The root cause of failure

The third chapter makes us to question ourself that what makes us tired and what we should do about it. Tiredness makes one to function less than one’s capability. So it is important to let go of tiredness. Will anyone mother gets tired of loving her child? Similarly the work which we do should have a divine connection with us. The root cause of failure is being lazy and getting tired of things so easily.

The next chapter clearly says that resentment, worry and fatigue are produced due to boredom. There are advice given to overcome boredom. To overcome boredom, to reduce stress and to stop worrying we should be mentally strong. The fifth chapter is indeed a question. Would you take $1 million for what you have? Many of us don’t have a valid answer for this question but the author makes us to answer by giving a very brief explanation so it is indeed very inspirational and motivational for all of us.

Would you take $1 million for what you have?

In the next chapter he says that we should remember that no one ever a dead dog. This means that we should be competent enough to stand in such a competitive world. We should be clear and socially sound so that it makes us very efficient. In the seventh chapter he says a very important lesson. We should never care about the criticism instead we should know that a very well grown tree experiences so many stone attacks. Similarly only a very official and efficient person will face so much of criticism. It is up to you how you take that criticism. We should take it in a very positive way. No matter what happens we should be on the right path. As only we know what out goal is and only we can accomplish it.

In the eight chapter he says that if you want to gather Honey don’t pick over the beehive. So through this he means that in trying to achieve we shouldn’t jump over the task just like that rather he says that we should be following certain principles and we should proceed in the step-by-step pattern to achieve our goals.

The next topic is the big secret of dealing with people. Many problems would be solved if there is a proper communication among people. 10th chapter says that a person who is capable of achieving a certain task is capable of achieving great goals. Next he gives tips for us to be greeted anywhere and at any time and also at any place. In the twelfth chapter he tells how to make people like us instantly.

The secret of Socrates

Advise to avoid any enemies and how to handle them in a very right way is the next. Fourteenth chapter is the high road to reason. The next is the secret of Socrates. We all know about him and so he guide says in his way. Next talks about cooperation as we all know that United we stand divided we fall. The 17th chapter is an appeal that everybody likes. Isn’t it required to shine in our lives.

The next id s how to criticise and not be hated for criticism as it is important and everybody should take it in a right way to get benefits. The 19 chapter talk about the mistakes. It says that first we should talk about our own mistakes as it is so easy for us to point out others but first we should check whether our bin is cleared. Once we are flawless we can talk about others. The author Dale Carnegie takes it to another level by explaining how to handle our mistakes.

Everybody likes to order but is anyone ready to take orders? The twentieth chapter talks about this only. The last chapter tells that let the other person save face in nutshell. This Dale Carnegie on taking people’s different perspective into account advise us how to enjoy our life and our job in a very interesting manner. Thus this book is my favourite among all the books I have read.

Are we all really enjoying what we do?

One tends to spend 40% of one’s waking time in working. Are we all really enjoying what we do? This question hit me hard! As we see so many people working in a particular field but they are fascinated to work in the other field. Why don’t they do what fascinates them! The point here is they cover up this mistake by saying that they are being practical. They do what makes them earn well or fulfils the people around them. How could one enjoy both life and job despite living in this busy world? Maintaining work-life balance even is a difficult task when compared to climbing Mount Everest. The problem is with self and nobody is to be blamed.

Everything is better when done by self. For example: self happiness, self esteem, self contributions, etc. Thus Dale Carnegie has come up with ideas to help out people who struggle in achieving satisfied job as well as happy life. In this book there are stories of homemakers who strived a lot of barriers and became a successful billionaires. Isn’t it a motivation for anyone out there to turn out his or her frustration, boredom and ideas into a fruitful one to come out with flying colours? There needs to be something to encourage us to pursue our interests. Why don’t we boost ourselves to attain betterment in all our lives and careers is the major question. Amongst all the books I have read, this stays close to my heart. The reason is, there are many books available on career.

Impact on me

This book by Dale Carnegie is way far better and I would suggest this to my juniors also. It had a great impact on me as I was puzzled in my professional course but later managed to cope up. I want my dear and near ones also to shine. When one is so focused on one’s career and is working day and night to achieve goals, there is no barrier to that person. Our enemy is our own mental illness that stops us from doing great things by suppressing us through boredom and worry and criticism. Pull out yourselves and learn to grow well in this world. You would love to contribute more in your career. This is what the impact I had on reading the book. Isn’t it amazing?!

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