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Poem by Soundarya Mourougappane

We never get tired of falling in love. We fall in love with many things and people everyday. Be it positive change in weather, love with your wife/ husband, affection on your family, blossomed flower in your garden, smell of new papers on your office table, the sudden good news from your friends, cute drawing on walls by your child, etc. Love is always so simple and never boring! It makes our lives worth living and give positivity all around. Love is not big but giant! Here is a small poem which is my own composition. YES! It is from me to you all :* Love all.

Not an Awful Poem but an Awww Poem

My life is around you
Whenever I say ”I love you”, it’s true!
I don’t want to be the gum you chew!
I would like to stick with you like glue!

Have you seen me happier with someone else other than you?
There should be flowers alike you in your avenue!
So to find it I don’t want any other clue!
I will never be like your Monday blue!

I would never argue with you
As I love you as much as delicious Barbeque!
Always I will greet you with Bienvenue!
With you each day feels anew!

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Soundarya Mourougappane
A vivid Software Engineer with a passion for writing. Love all.

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